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RALSA Charity Fundraiser 2014 - Fancy Dress Party
Thursday 8th May

This year’s annual charity event was held at Cameo Club and Myu Bar. Capital School of English rose to the occasion with 96 students dressed up as everything and anything! The Lion was there, minus The Witch and the Wardrobe, as was Spiderman, a herd of nurses, a few cowboys, and some quirky elderly types thrown into the mix for good measure.

Everyone met at The Lark Rise in Winton to kick the evening off. If the party wasn’t in full swing by then it certainly was when the school taxi turned up, in the name of an open top bus! The students were no longer individuals attending language school in Bournemouth with folder in arm, they came together, a collective; colourfully dressed with laughter flowing faster than the River Bourne, and group chants so loud you’d of probably of heard them from the Bournemouth Balloon!

Once the bus arrived at Cameo everyone picked their voice boxes up off of the floor and let the music do the talking. Dance moves were now the focus with dragons ‘poppin’ the collar’, Giraffes attempting ‘the running man’, and cross-dressers ‘roboting’ their way to the centre of the dance circle.

A highly energetic night enjoyed by all, here is the evidence.

language schools Bournemouthlanguage schools Bournemouth

Noemi – Group 3

Monday 28th April saw the arrival of our third Noemi group of the year. This lively group of Spanish students kept Social organisers Ryan and Neil on their toes for the duration of their stay. After a relaxing tour of Bournemouth on Monday it was a fun packed week of Bowling, Karaoke, Laser Quest and Games.

Bowling saw Social leader Ryan sore to victory with an unstoppable score of 166 but closely followed by Aroa Fernandez’s brilliant effort with 120 points. Strong armed David Duran Estevez smashed the top score on the Punch machine with a crunching right hand… Look out Mike Tyson!

Laser quest was also full of action with Dani Rocha being crowned champion after blasting his was to the top place, but it could have been anyone’s game with only 50 points between 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Add to this a trip to the beautiful city of Salisbury to see the Cathedral and historic buildings, Stone Henge and Dowsing at Nolton Henge and you have a fantastic week; of which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we look forward to seeing them next year!

Bournemouth English schoolBournemouth English school

GENT Group 2014 Monday 6th April – Saturday 3rd May

April begun with the introduction of a group of Thai students to Capital School of English - Bournemouth language school for four long, exciting weeks. 13 young adults spanning their wings and touching down on English soil for an educational and cultural experience. Mystified by the stones at Stonehenge, and dazzled by the royal heritage of the City of Bath, these students really saw some incredible sights. They also visited Winchester, Poole, Christchurch and many other places of interest. Their trip to Salisbury saw them express their creative side with unique group photos of an artistic nature.

This was a theme that carried all the way through to their final project, whereby they split into three groups to compile movie trailers using their own footage! They were excellent (and pretty scary), a testament to the groups’ attention to detail which flourished throughout their stay.

The GENT Group also enjoyed a trip to London, travelling by the underground tube network to fully immerse themselves in London culture. They visited The Tower of London, The National History Museum, and shopped extensively at Harrods, buying gifts for family and friends. Dodgeball was a huge hit among the group, with countless games played over the duration of their stay; an activity that became a daily request, yet we had to resist as body parts are helpful when it comes to morning study!

Bournemouth language schoolsBournemouth language schools

Noemi Group 2 April 2014

Noemi’s second group of spring arrived from Spain on Sunday 30th March with 22 lively students ready to begin a dynamic programme. This involved cultural tours of Bournemouth and Christchurch where the group were able to see and understand the differing ages of the towns. Christchurch with its heritage dating back to the Saxon era being exemplified by a visit to the 900 year old Priory.

On the Thursday the group explored the Jurassic Coastline which lies at the doorstep of Bournemouth. Here they were able to relax and appreciate the natural beauty that this part of the world holds.

In the evenings the group enjoyed interactive activities such as Drama Night whereby students recited poems to each other, and discussed their meaning and origin. Karaoke Night was enjoyed by all, not just in the English school in Bournemouth, but also by the local population of Winton! Loud and energetic attempts made for an astounding evening of some very interesting group renditions of timely classics.

To end a positive week, Noemi’s second group ventured into London City to experience that fast paced nature of life there, viewing world famous sites and enjoying the bustling market of Covent Garden.

 English school BournemouthEnglish school Bournemouth

Alessandra Falsi Group March and April 2014

A fine Sunday morning of March 23rd saw the arrival of the Alessandra Falsi Group from Pistoia of Italy. 13 students of cultivation and conservation were welcomed on to a two week programme at Capital School of English for what can now be described as an incredible journey!

As well as local cultural trips to Bournemouth and surrounding areas of Poole, Christchurch and Dorchester, the group also enjoyed agricultural visits to the New Forest, Kingston Maurwood College and Kew Gardens. Their particular interest in nature sculpted their experience with a consistent focus of spoken English classes through the understanding of the various environments they were immersed in.

The Alessandra Falsi Group were also able to appreciate some delights of the Jurassic Coast such as Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, Swanage and Durleston Country Park. These weekend excursions saw them trek the coastal paths to reach their destination of a picnic with panoramic views.

The group themselves flourished through their specifically selected programme, with confidence and smiles flowing as they departed for Pisa, all be it tired, on Sunday 6th April.

spoken English classesspoken English classes

Noemi Group 1 March 2014

Noemi’s first group of 2014 arrived from Spain on Saturday 22nd March and began their week long English voyage with a trip to London, seeing the sights of Big B and the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral and many more. Although rain was forecasted, the group enjoyed spring sunshine which made for some excellent photos!

Monday the group went on an introductory tour of Bournemouth town centre, the gardens and the beach, with a photo challenge to familiarise themselves with the area and get a feel for Bournemouth life and its people. Later in the week the first group went further afield later in the week with an exploration of Salisbury City. The Cathedral provided the wow-factor, leaving the group astonished by its sheer size and incredibly impressed by the heritage it holds.

The group had three different evening activities including a Karaoke and Games Night which saw even professor Louisa showing the students how to really dance Gang-nam Style! An Evening of Drama showcased the groups’ acting talents with plenty of fancy-dress for realism. The Big British Quiz was to follow seeing not only an incredible knowledge of these shores, but a delivery of the English language that could rival any native poet!

A typical English treat was awaiting the group for the Friday in the name of Fish and Chips on the beach. After experiencing British comforts of the dining variety the group were taken out of their comfort-zone with an epic battle of boys versus girls at Laser Quest, where the students relished the opportunity to compete for their persuaded gender. Energy was dispersed in abundance which left the group only one option... shopping! A good end to a great week, farewells were made and the group returned to their homeland.

spoken English classesspoken English classes

Maxwell Group March 2014

It was a fresh March, a whole new one for 2014; one that would welcome a healthy turn in weather from a significantly extended winter of water. It was only the second day into the month, and all the hope for a brighter change came with the Maxwell Group! The arrival of 41 young and insightful Italians, with all, if not more energy than the sun was about to bring.

The group begun an intensive two week spoken English course programme, with morning study being closely followed by afternoon activities, and if that wasn’t enough they were back for more fun in the evening! During activities the group were split in to two, the yellow and the blue, or the self-named ‘Team Banana’ and ‘Blue Storm’.

The interaction and engagement of the group was incredible throughout activities such as rounders, volleyball, football, treasure hunts, riddles in the park and ‘battle of the beach’. The latter being the concluding activity whereby the gust of each groups’ competitive spirit surfaced; the Finale to a long two-week battling undertone of a healthy nature. The Maxwell Group visited many other places during their stay with trips to Poole, Christchurch, Oxford and London, immersing themselves among English culture and tasting local delicacies, with Fish and Chips a standout performer! Overall this was a busy and productive period which proved a huge success, with smiles left as a receipt.

spoken English course spoken English course

Social Activities

February has had some really good social activities including a New Forest pub tour which went to a number of different pubs in the New Forest. The pubs visited included the Elm Tree and the Alice Lyle pub where we learnt about the history of Alice in Wonderland from our coach driver, Mike.

Some of the students really enjoyed the traditional beer, however, others chose to drink soft drinks and spirits. The coach journey was a very loud affair with students singing hit songs from the 90’s including Boyzone and Five.

The group was very lucky as on our way through the new forest we saw two New Forest ponies, which are officially classed as an endangered species. The students, teachers and agents really enjoyed the pub tour, so watch out for the next one!

Agent Week

Last week the school had four visiting agents from Spain, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic. The agents are currently working in their respective countries to match students with foreign language schools all over the world.

The agents arrived to school on Monday morning and took part in all aspects of the student induction including the placement tests! The agents spent their first day at school meeting all the different departments and getting to know how the school operates. They also joined the students at the weekly meet and greet at the Buffalo Bar.

On Tuesday the agents visited Arts University Bournemouth which is the additional adult summer campus, they were treated to a behind the scenes tour of the campus including the textile and costume design departments. Sadly after the tour it was time to say good bye to Dianna who had to leave to visit another school in Oxford.

After Klara’s departure on Wednesday Capital’s last two remaining agents Alexandra and Sandra joined the schools evening pub tour to the New forest. The tour guide Mike from Discover Dorset gave us an interesting commentary of the local area such as the importance of the Alice Lyle Pub.

Friday was the agents last day at Capital School, along with two of our student ambassadors Anna and Adrian, the agents and I went to Christchurch. We went on a walking tour of Christchurch and had lunch overlooking the harbour. I really enjoyed being able to show the agents the student activities and what trips are available to groups and individuals, I hope in the future the agents will come back with their groups of students.

spoken English coursespoken English coursespoken English course

New Year at Capital

What a great beginning to 2014. This week saw over 20 student’s starting Capital School of English, as well as welcoming back our returning students.

A New Year has brought some changes to the classes available at Capital including, free lunch time literacy classes for beginners and elementary students, and a new intensive class which enables IELTS and FCE students to prepare for exams by developing key skills.

Kevin is going to be replacing Leanne as the new study skill tutor. Study skill sessions are re-starting the week commencing the 13th January, as with previous lessons these will be split into beginners to pre-intermediate and intermediate to proficiency.

This week the school had two social activities, meeting at the Buffalo Bar on Monday for meet and greet and a film night. Both social activities had over 20 students in attendance. Please make you sure you look at the activities board as there will be some exciting new activities shortly!

Capital School celebrates 10 years of teaching!

In its humble beginnings Capital School of English was opened in 1993 with just 5 class rooms, the expansion of the school in 2010 created a further 5 rooms doubling the schools capacity. Other recent additions to the school include its own E-Learning centre and an annual youth summer camp allowing for those under 18 to receive quality English education. With all the expansion to the school Capital has continued to maintain its family feel by having small class sizes and a regular social program for students and staff to interact.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary at Capital School of English, we held a birthday celebration in true Capital style. Students and staff joined in a day of celebrations including wearing ‘capital blue’ coloured clothes to work and eating birthday cake.

A Photographer from the Bournemouth Echo arrived at 10:30am to take pictures for the local newspaper. Capital staff and students gathered on the outside patio to wish Spencer, Paulina and Capital School a Happy 10th Birthday and to cut the birthday cake.

Below are quotes from both student and staff about their time at Capital School

Clive in Accommodation said : ‘Over the last three years I have seen Capital grow from strength to strength with many happy students fulfilling their capabilities and flourishing in the family atmosphere that capital has to offer’.

Mirad a Libyan Student ‘; Capital has given me the chance to learn English with good teachers and to make lots of new friends’

Janet the School Receptionist commented ‘ I love the interaction with all the students and meeting different cultures, the school has allowed me to meet work brilliant colleagues and friends. Good Luck Capital for the next 10 years’.

school of Englishschool of English

Capital Celebrates Children In Need

What an amazing week at capital school! Last week the Business class teamed up with Vickie the social organiser to raise money and awareness of Children In Need. The class came up with the innovative idea of extending our annual Children in need bake sale by selling cakes and Cookies each lunch and break time. Students created their own posters and gave up all their spare time to help the cause.

The business class also helped out by selling raffle tickets and within 3 days the business class had raised a whopping £150! If this wasn’t enough team members also dedicated their time on Friday to helping on the refreshment stand and selling raffle tickets.

On the day itself all students helped to raise money by speaking to locals outside the school, some of the students used this time to get to know local residents, and many people commented on our positive presence in the area, commending the school on its fund raising efforts.

The annual Children in Need raffle was a huge success and our thanks goes to all the local companies who donated prizes. A big thank you needs to go out to all the staff and students especially those to Robin and the Business Class who gave up their time and energy to bake cakes and take their classes on the streets.

Without further ado I can reveal the total amount of money raised by Capital school for children in Need was an amazing £1,117.21!

spoken English lessonsspoken English lessons

Halloween 2013

On the 24th October over 100 students and staff met for the annual Ralsa Halloween Party! With costumes including witches, cats, Dracula and the Devil. We met at the Lark rise Pub and started the night off with some karaoke, pool, dancing and Halloween face painting. At 9:15 we were greeted by an open top bus to take us to CAMEO, the journey there was eventful with students chanting and singing, just as we arrived the skies opened and students ran taking cover inside. However, this did not dampen our spirits, with everybody inside the party we started the competitions including fancy dress and dancing, it is fair to say our students made Capital proud. With some students a little worse for wear the next day turning up to class with full smiles, and half a face of makeup from the night before the night was a clear success for all involved!

spoken English classesspoken English classes
spoken English classesspoken English classes
spoken English classesspoken English classes

Capital School make a marathon of it for Macmillan

Dear Spencer

Please pass on my enormous thanks to your students who helped us at the Bournemouth Marathon at the weekend and for joining Team Macmillan. The whole weekend was an amazing success and we have had great feedback from the runners about the support that they received on the course. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and they certainly did us proud. Once again thank you so much.

Best wishes x

Chrissie Wathen-Neal
Fundraising Manager - Dorset

business English lessons

Agents visit Capital School on September 6th

On September 6th Capital School of English warmly welcomed 12 agents from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland and Kazakhstan.

They were shown to one of our classrooms where Managing Director, Spencer Fordham gave a presentation on the school and what we have to offer. They were even given one of our Capital School backpacks to really fit in with school life, before being toured around to see our facilities.

We are extremely happy to have had the agents visit Capital for the day and hope to see them in the very near future!

business English lessons

The summer draws to a close at Capital School

Another busy summer at Capital is coming to an end. Our three centres have been running like clockwork for the past 8 weeks, welcoming over 1000 students over summer!


The junior campus at Talbot Heath School ran for its second summer. This year the school introduced new extension activities as a way to integrate the activities and learning into the weekly theme. The school enjoyed weeks studying Science, Music, Media, Carnival, Environment and more. The students would create special projects for each week to reinforce the learning. Films were created for Media Week such as remakes for Titanic, James Bond, The Hunger Games and Narnia.

The students were able to build their own Carnival Stalls in preparation for Capitals Summer Carnival, Which was able to raise almost £1000 for charity. The students also created their own pantomime, recreating ‘Dick Whittington and his Cat’. The students also enjoyed weekly trips where they could visit London, Bath and Oxford. As well as some more local culture trips such as Christchurch, Winchester, The Jurassic Coast and Moors Valley (Where they experienced an orienteering challenge for prizes).

The students enjoyed the fantastic sunshine during swimming afternoons, Volleyball Tournaments, Tennis, Football and afternoons exploring Bournemouth.

The summer was another success with our Young Learners and we look forward to welcoming more back next year!

business English lessonsbusiness English lessons


Our Adult Campuses also enjoyed a very successful and busy summer with a fantastic Social Area available for them to enjoy. Complete with Playstation, Games, Wimbledon matches, Newspapers, and an Art Wall for them to write messages and draw pictures.

The activities were sold out all summer with full coaches going to London, Oxford and Bath. We introduced our newly developed trip to London that includes entrance into the Natural History Museum, a historical walk through Hyde Park and an afternoon shopping in famous Harrods.

We also enjoyed using our fantastic facilities at Talbot Heath School to entertain adult students in the evenings. We enjoyed Football, Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments as well as Pool Parties and Badminton.

The students also went on 4 Pub Tours of the New Forest, visiting traditional English Pubs and tasting home brewed Ale. As well as a number of Capital Bar Crawls, a fantastic way to initiate our students into Bournemouth Life!

We officially opened our 16-17 year old programme which was available to students everyday including under 18 activities such as the under-18 Disco, Card Games and Fifa Tournaments, Tours of Christchurch and Poole, Rounder’s and Beach Trips. This programme proved to be highly successful in bringing the 16-17 year old students together (and often many older students) on safe, educational and monitored activities with our staff.

The weather this year has been exceptional! we enjoyed 4 weeks of beautiful sunshine during peak summer which stopped beach activities being cancelled.

Thank you to all our staff for their careful management of both of these centres throughout the summer period!

business English lessonsbusiness English lessons


Our Cambridge Courses start on 16th September 2013, These are closed classes running for 12 weeks preparing our students for important FCE and CAE exams in December. Pre-tests for the courses begin in early September and we wish all our students the best of luck!

We welcome some groups in September from Switzerland. The Romanshorn Group return to us again after many year of working together! We also welcome a large group of 40 students from Switzerland towards the end of September.

Capital School is slowly getting back to normality after a very busy summer! We would like to thank all our patient and hard working staff for all their dedication throughout summer! We went through our British Council Inspection during the summer and would again like to thank all staff across all campuses for their efforts during that week!

Young Learners at Talbot Heath

Our second summer at Talbot Heath started early in July, our private campus where our Young Learners can enjoy the incredible facilities such as the Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, Indoor Sports Hall, Drama Centre and Football Pitches.

This year our young learners programme has been focused on integrated activities with the teachers where students are given the opportunity to create and develop a project based around the weekly themes. We have had our History week, Carnival week and Heroes and Villains week so far where the students have enjoyed doing historical presentations, a carnival stall competition and most recently our Capital Pantomime where the students performed their own version of ‘Dick Whittington and his cat’.

The students also took part in our Summer Fayre on Sunday 21st July where they could enjoy Ice Creams, the bouncy castle, live performances, dancing, singing, karate and go kart racing.

This was a huge event raising money for charity while we celebrate 10 years of Capital School of English.

All proceedings from this event will go towards Macmillan Cancer Support and Youth Cancer Trust.

The summer junior programme is still in full swing and we hope our forthcoming students will enjoy what we have planned for them over the next few weeks!

business English lessonsbusiness English lessons

Adult Campus 2013

The summer has started at Capital School and we have already welcomed hundreds of students over the last few weeks.

Our two campuses are running during the summer, Capital School and the Arts University, Bournemouth.

The weather has been fantastic and allowed us to enjoy many outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, football tournaments, tennis and swimming.

We have also introduced our special 16/17 year old programme which offers activities throughout the day specifically aimed at this age group.

The students have been attending all of our activities! Trips at weekends to Bath, Oxford and London have all been selling out!

The students have also enjoyed Bar Crawls, Bowling, Laser Quest, Roller Skating and a New Forest Pub Tour so far this summer.

We have lots of exciting activities planned for the future such as BBQ’s, Fancy Dress Parties, Football Tournaments, and much more.

learn Englishlearn English

Capital hands over donations to Macmillan Cancer Support and Youth Cancer Trust

Capital School of English handed over a cheque to Macmillan Cancer Support and The Youth Cancer Trust each for £1,200. This was money raised by a collection of language schools for the Ralsa Fancy Dress party in April. Chrissie Wathen-Neal, the Fundraising Manager for Dorset, was extremely grateful for the donation and is looking forward to Capital Schools Summer Fayre on Sunday 21st July (All proceedings to be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support and the Youth Cancer Trust). Derek Smith, Events and Fundraising Coordinator, was thrilled about receiving the money too.

Capital School was also proud to hand over £100 raised from our recent Macmillan Coffee Morning to Macmillan Cancer Support!

learn Englishlearn English

Spanish Group enjoy week at Capital School!

Capital School of English welcomed a fantastic group from Caceres in Spain for one week!

The group thoroughly enjoyed their stay which included a trip to London, Karaoke, trip to Winchester, Photography Challenge, Tour of Christchurch and an incredible WOW Science evening where the group experimented with Dry Ice.

The students were studying media in their classes which built up to a presentation on Friday. The students demonstrated how much they had learnt with some great information communicated by them.

The group were highly enthusiastic during their time with us, and we hope to see them again in the future.

summer english classes uksummer english classes uk

Capital welcomes group from Cáceres, Spain

We recently welcomed a lovely group from Caceres in Spain.

During their stay with us the group saw lots of fantastic places! Embarking on a trip to London, where they enjoyed going on the London Eye and having an informative tour of the city. The group also visited Winchester where they were able to see the Cathedral and famous Round Table. They also took part in an orienteering challenge at Moors Valley, where they had a ride on the steam train. The group also visited Christchurch where they were able to embrace the English Lifestyle with an afternoon cream tea, complete with Scones, Jam and Cream.

As well as these trips the group took part in a Treasure Hunt, Karaoke Evening, Drama Night and an incredible WOW Science evening where the group were able to create their own dry ice, as well as taking part in different interesting science experiments.

The group were studying Heroes and Villains in their lessons and spent the week working towards a performance. The students showed their enthusiasm through their hilarious performances of ‘Sevillana Woman’ and ‘Super Girls’.

The group were energetic as always and we hope to see them again in the future!

summer english classes uk

summer english classes uksummer english classes uk

Football - Capital School 1 United World 0

Capital students enjoyed their first football encounter with United World on Saturday 6th April 2013.

The students played a friendly 8 a side game in Winton Rec against other language students, winning by just one goal. The match was really close and all the students were exhausted after playing the one hour match.

Both teams were very physical and the only goal came from an impressive break from German student, Christian, In the first half. Captain Fantastic, Jonathon from Venezuela played an excellent match for Capital School.

This is the first of many matches we hope to continue playing against United World. And we look forward to playing them again very soon!

summer english classes uksummer english classes uk

New Forest Pub Tour- April 2013

Capital recently went on another amazing Pub Tour of the New Forest with 15 students!

Managing Director, Spencer Fordham, was our guest driver for the evening. Taking us first to the Alice Lisle pub, where the students enjoyed the locally brewed cider next to the fire. We then drove to the Red Shoot where the students could look at how their personal Ale is brewed. We visited the Royal Oak, where the students were greeted by a local dog on arrival. Finally we took the students to The Rose and Thistle pub, our mystery pub that we came across by accident at our last pub tour. Last time the students were treated with Calendars of local men stripping down for charity! This time we had students drinking yards of Cider and going behind the bar to re-enact some photos we were shown by the barmaid.

It was once again an incredible tour, led wonderfully by Spencer whom shared his wisdom to the students like a father to his children.

See you next time!

summer english classes uksummer english classes uk

International Food Party at Winton Con Club

Capital recently held its first event at the Winton Conservative Club. Throwing an International Food Party attended by 30 students.

The evening was great! We welcomed our Spanish group along to bring some Spanish dishes to the party and enjoyed a range of different food from Korea, Germany, Venezuela and France.

The bonus about holding the food party at the Conservative Club is that our adult students could purchase Beer and Wine to enjoy with their food! As well as having our own private party space.

We ended the evening with an International Quiz, with the winners enjoying some festive Easter eggs!

We look forward to holding some more events at the club in the future!

summer english classes uksummer english classes uk

Noemi Salamanca Group March 2013

On the 18th March we welcomed a group of 15 from Salamanca, Spain. The group had the great opportunity of being incorporated into the adult classes here at Capital School which was a fantastic experience for them all as they were interacting with many people from many different cultures.

They had a fantastic activities schedule which included a Scavenger hunt, Photography Challenge, Quiz Night and Karaoke which was especially enjoyed by the group leaders who sang several times!!

They also enjoyed trips to Winchester to see the famous Arthurian round table, Christchurch where they saw Castle Ruins and an old Norman house as well as the very famous Church where the town gets it’s name and to our busy capital London, where they saw all of the sights including Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Leicester Square.

A fantastic time was had by all and we wish them a safe journey home and hope that they will visit our school again in the future.

summer english classes uksummer english classes uk


In March we welcomed a large group of students all the way from Valladolid in Spain. The group of 34 students began their busy week at Capital School with a trip to London, where they enjoyed all the usual sights of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and more! They also embarked on a cruise from the London Eye to Tower Bridge, finishing at the Tower of London!

The mornings began with their English Lessons where they looked at British History in preparation for a big presentation on Friday! To accompany this theme we took them on a cultured visit to Winchester where they could visit the famous Great Hall and Round Table as well as Winchester Cathedral.

We also took the group to Christchurch, where they could visit the Castle remains, Old Norman House, Christchurch Quay, Red House Museum and Priory Church.

The students also took part in a Photography Challenge, Treasure Hunt, Quiz Night, Fashion Show and Drama Evening. All of which they enjoyed with enthusiasm!

The group were fantastic throughout their time with us!! We wish them a safe journey and good luck for the future!

learn to speak english in bournemouthlearn to speak english in bournemouth

CC English 2013

We welcomed a group who travelled all the way from Guiyang, China to study English at Capital School.

We had a total of 8 students and 3 group leaders who were all very keen to learn English and explore Bournemouth.

During their stay the group were lucky enough to stay overnight in our capital city, London. It was a great two days filled with plenty of sightseeing, picture taking and of course, shopping.

Talbot Heath School was kind enough to host us for an integration day where the students got the chance to experience a day in the life at an English school. They got the chance to participate in History, French, Latin, English, Maths, P.E and Psychology which the students were delighted with and really embraced the chance to be part of the typical English curriculum. They also had the chance to tour the junior school and view the children’s recent Chinese new year celebratory homemade decorations as well as helping the children write in mandarin.

learn to speak english in bournemouthlearn to speak english in bournemouth

We also organised for Wow science to come in one evening to get the students participating in scientific exercises. The main activity was to build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows that could be freestanding and also take the weight of an egg. The students had a lot of fun and it brought on competition between the group, which upped the energy and concentration all at once. The students had nothing but positive words to say about the activity and fun was had by all – including the group leaders!!

The group also got the chance to visit Winchester and Christchurch, try their skills in Orienteering at Moors Valley, as well as having a film and quiz night, fashion show, treasure hunt and taking home a souvenir mug that they painted from ‘All fired up’.

They had a great 2 weeks of learning English and having fun and we hope that they had a safe journey home, stay in touch and come to visit us again soon! 

learn to speak english in bournemouth

Integration Laser! 

Capital School of English took part in a special integration event on Thursday 7th February. We took 9 of our students along to take part in a Laser Quest event with other language students from other schools in Bournemouth, this event is the first of hopefully many collaborations over the next few months. The activity was a great success and enjoyed by all involved!

learn to speak english in bournemouth


Capital School of English has recently entered the Football Mundial League in Bournemouth. This is a 6 a side league allowing for a maximum team of 9 with 3 substitutes. Our team won their first game with a massive victory over Donkey P (A team of local Bournemouth students) who got outclassed by our international students. The match finished 12-4 and we saw the true talent of our students on display.

On Tuesday 5th February Capital played their second match against the hardest opponents in the league. They gave us a scare and finished some great goals making the score 6-4 to Capital at half time. Their fitness was good and their skills were great, but our dream team ripped them apart in the second half. Some amazing goals from Christopher (France) and Mert (Turkey) increased our lead. But our man of the match Khalid (Oman) scored a handful of amazing goals with no effort and finished a penalty.

The opposition were tough, and some of the refereeing decisions were very controversial. But Capital came out on top as usual, that is what counts!

The league is every Tuesday evening running for 10 weeks, I am sure Capitals undefeated streak will continue and other teams will shake knowing we are their next opponents.

learn to speak english in bournemouthlearn to speak english in bournemouth

International Food Party-January 2013

On Thursday 24th January, Capital School held an International Food Party. This has always been one of the best activities here at the school! With people from all over the world we were provided with a huge variety of dishes. One of my favourites was the Swiss Mouse (Made from Toblerone) and a fantastic Spicy Thai Salad! As usual our students turned up in full force and helped us raise £108 for Macmillan Cancer Support. The students had a fantastic time enjoying all the food.....Most of them then ventured off to Lava Club!

Thanks to everyone for helping us raise so much!

learn to speak english in bournemouthlearn to speak english in bournemouth

Skills for Life Beginner Course

Capital School has just introduced a new syllabus for our lower level learners called ‘Skills for Life’. Focussing on functional skills as well as literacy, it features topics such as shopping, travel, school life, family and free time.

The material covers all four main skills; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Students practice useful and functional language, learning phrases that will help them with their everyday life in England.

Some of the areas they will learn include; how to ask for things in shops, ask for help, speak to friends at school and outside, ask for and give directions, read signs, notices and timetables and write emails. Handwriting practice and spelling is also included in this course.

What’s great about this material is that it is culturally appropriate for many of our lower level learners, so they can really relate to the topics, the characters and the situations.

The teacher also supplements the material with our existing course books for extra grammar practice.

Prize English enjoy winter with Capital!

During the build up to Christmas, Capital School welcomed two groups from Murcia in Spain. The groups came to us through Prize English, who selected each student based on their academic marks.

The groups arrived one week apart from each other, allowing one week with all 50 students. This enabled us to enjoy some huge activities such as a cinema trip, Laser Quest and a brilliant Christmas party with games, prizes and a large buffet of drinks and snacks.

In classes the students focussed on the environment and looking at different decades (60’s, 70’s and 80’s). Each week built up to presentations, for the environment, the students came up with their own inventions that would solve an environmental problem. These included a Sea Hoover solving ocean pollution, a CO2 Oxidiser creating oxygen. Some students also invented Converse Power, A sports shoe that charges batteries when playing sport and being active.

During the week of the decades the students took part in a presentation, each focussed on a particular year from their decade. The students educated us with what was popular during this year, what the fashion was like and what happened historically during this period. We witnessed the murder of John Lennon and some Beatles tribute performances.

Both groups were also able to participate in our new integration programme, where they spent the day at Corfe Hills School. The students were each assigned a buddy from the school to act as a mentor throughout the day. The students joined in with the academic programme, taking part in English, Science, Maths and Physical Education classes. This proved an enriching and popular event with the students as they all wanted to go back again. (However I think the Spanish class may have been a little too easy...)

During their busy schedule with us the groups went on excursions to London and Oxford. London was a busy day including a walking tour of popular attractions such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and The London Eye. The students were given some free time in Covent Garden where they were able to enjoy the street performers and buy some souvenirs.

Oxford was a quieter day where the students were able to learn about the history of the city. They were given the opportunity to visit Christchurch College, where they could see the Cathedral and the famous dining hall used as a replica in the Harry Potter movies. The students saw the remains of Oxford Castle and visited the Ashmolean Museum, where they explored several floors of artefacts and memorabilia.

The groups also visited Christchurch, a local village famous for its castle remains and old Norman house. They also took part in a variety of activities such as All Fired Up, where they spent the afternoon creating and decorating their own plates. The group also enjoyed bowling, quiz evening, film evening, The Russell Coates Museum and the photography challenge.

The students have been fantastic! Not only by being enthusiastic on all activities, but with their contribution in class and in their presentation work. It has been a cold few weeks in Bournemouth and the students dealt with the weather with smiles and plenty of warm clothing. We wish both groups all the best and hope they enjoyed their time at Capital School of English.

Have a great Christmas!

Ralsa Presentation

Two students from Capital School (Ertugrul Levent and Lea Barth) accompanied Spencer Fordham to the Mayor’s office to officially hand over the cheque following the RALSA Fundraising evening. The event raised £3,500 and will be donated to the Mayor’s chosen charities.

Capital School would like to once again thank all the language centres and students that got involved.

Capital raises £1,120 for Children in Need! BREAKING THE SCHOOL RECORD!

Capital School of English loves to be involved in charity events, Children in Need is always our biggest event of the year and we always aim high!

This year was no exception, a lot of planning was put into this event and the entire school worked together to sell cakes and take part in the activities. Our student raffle was popular as always and raised nearly £200! Our students won day trips with UK Study and Discover Dorset, £25 bar tabs at the Talbot Pub, Entry to the Roman Bath Houses, Bowling Tickets, Dance classes, Free English lessons, Swimming Tickets, Ice Skating Tickets, Free Lunch Vouchers and much more! We also auctioned a day with Spencer for a group of our students which raised £40.

The biggest part of the day was of course the cake sale! Students took time out of their classrooms to take to the streets, selling cakes to the public for donations. The teachers joined their classes and the students were fantastic! We would sell cakes to cars stuck at the traffic lights, this proved one of the most affective money making methods.

Pudsey was on site and spent the day invading pubs and walking down the high street! He raised an amazing amount of money. All of our staff offered help and sold the students tea and coffee at break and lunch time.

The Daily Echo came along to take photos of the students in action and we were included in the newspaper and on their website. We are really proud to be included with all those involved in the Dorset area working hard to raise money.

We are proud to announce that we raised an incredible £1,120. A record for the school and one that we hope to beat next year.

We want to thank everyone involved at the school, it was an amazing effort! We also would like to thank the generous public and local business’s that donated on the day and with raffle prizes over the last few weeks. Thank you all for giving so generously and for not running over our students when stopped at traffic lights!

Thank you to Yellow Buses for allowing some of our students to jump on the bus and offer cakes to your passengers! You contributed to our total! Pudsey will be back next year! We aim even higher again and hope that our contribution can seriously help Children in Need!

See you next year!!

summer English courses UK

Trip to Dublin! November 2012

On Friday 9th November, 11 students joined me on an unforgettable weekend in Dublin, Ireland!

We travelled by plane from Bournemouth Airport direct to Dublin. We then caught the bus into the city to check in to our hostel.

We stayed at the Avalon House, a cosy and welcoming hostel in our shared dormitory with 12 bunk beds squeezed in. When we arrived we went straight to the local supermarket and purchased some ingredients for dinner. Our professional Chef, Lea Barth, cooked us delicious pasta with spinach and lemon crème fraîche! Probably the most incredible pasta meal I have ever tasted. What a convenience having a chef in our group!

We then used the microscopic showers which proved an interesting challenge trying to dress in something the size of a coffin, but we succeeded and hit the town. Dublin is crazy and most of the bars were full to bursting! We met some amazing people and had a few welcome cocktails. We arrived back at the Hostel at around 2am in need of some sleep before the next day’s tour!

We woke up to have breakfast, a typical spread of bread and cereal! We then left the Hostel at about 10am to head towards the Guinness Storehouse. The Storehouse was incredible, boasting 7 floors each slowly introducing you to the interesting process of creation. We were able to learn how Guinness is made and through the ‘Taste Experience’ got to sample freshly brewed Guinness. We finally reached the top of the Storehouse and were treated to some fantastic views of Dublin as well as complimentary pints of Guinness for everyone! Some of the students could not finish their drinks... but Ertugrul was on hand to finish EVERYONE’S drink!

At 1pm, we went on a walking tour of Dublin along the River Liffey, Where we were able to view the Custom House and Trinity College. With Ertugrul stumbling along, everyone began to get hungry so we all went for Lunch at a Ann’s bakery on Henry Street. The group then explored the town and got some souvenirs from the trip, the city was buzzing with excitement for the Ireland v South Africa rugby match which was an added bonus for our students.

We then were able to see Dublin Castle before we freshened up and had dinner at the Hostel in preparation for a night at Dublin’s famous Temple Bar! A group of the girls from Switzerland went out for dinner and enjoyed their own table violinist, before meeting us at Temple Bar. A traditional and popular Irish Bar where we spent 3 hours meeting some great people and enjoying the amazing atmosphere and beautiful live music. We witnessed the guitarist, Dave Browne, who held the record for longest time playing a guitar (114 hours and 20 minutes). A record broken at Temple Bar!

I then had to drag the intoxicated group to a night club to finish off the night in style...before dragging them back to the hostel.

After returning in the early houses, I willingly woke up to cook the group an English breakfast on Sunday morning before our journey back to Bournemouth, Consisting of Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausages, Toast and Orange Juice.

The group were treated to the South African rugby team coming through the airport on the way home. A few of the girls attempted to chase them down. Like lions stalking prey. The South African players now know Capital School as an institute for crazy girls mostly from Switzerland.

Dublin was a FANTASTIC trip and I would like to thank the group for being so brilliant and enthusiastic about everything! It was like being on holiday with my FAMILY!! Thank you for making the trip an incredible experience!

I was surprised at Meet and Greet last night with a signed card from all the students along with an array of chocolate!

Thank you ladies... and Ertugrul.

We look forward to taking students on more trips in the future... Scotland next?

summer English courses uksummer English courses uk


Every year RALSA hold a Halloween Party for Bournemouth’s international students and every year Capital come out in numbers!

With 130 students from our school, as well as some of our staff, Capital School hit the town for a night of cheap drinks and dancing.

We met at the Talbot Pub and together we marched to Lava, Proudly swinging the Capital School flag as we went. We arrived outside the night club like a pack of wild animals, chanting and shouting our schools name with a fiery passion! Our Captain Shakespeare led us to the club holding the flag up high. Our Managing Director, Spencer Fordham, looked on in astonishment at his flock of students causing such a commotion.

The night began. The students represented the school fantastically and helped RALSA raise over £3000 for the Mayors chosen charities. Capital School yet again sold the most tickets out of all the language schools in Bournemouth and that was obvious in the reception we gave when our schools name was mentioned as prizes were given out.

We scooped awards for Best Dressed and Best Dancer, which is a testament to our student’s enthusiasm! Other schools looked on as we invaded the dance floor.

Capital School of English continues to maintain its sterling reputation. We look forward to the next RALSA event!

learn to speak English in Bournemouthlearn to speak English in Bournemouth

Live E-learning Programme Launched

October 2nd-5th 2012 saw the official launch of Capital School of English’s Live E-learning Programme in partnership with LLC Moscow Yard (, represented by managing director Mr. Alexander Chekmazovand, and 4 of the most prestigious State run Colleges in Moscow.

The programme which has been developed by Capital School of English offers students the chance to have English Lessons streamed live into the classroom from the UK. Using trained and dedicated native English language teachers from the UK students will benefit from having live interaction with their teacher in class groups. This programme running for 1-3 years will involve the students following a 16 week on-line programme and then 2 visits per year by their UK teacher to Moscow to teach in the college.

The technology that has been developed for this specific programme is a first in the industry and will make students attending the programme pioneers.

Students and staff within the State run colleges see this as a ground breaking opportunity to be able to give their students a more focused and challenging language learning experience. At present students language exposure is approximately 2-4 hrs per week which will be enhanced by this incredibly intensive programme.

New Forest Pub Tour Thursday 25th October 2012

In October Capital School went on an adventure to the New Forest! 15 Students joined us on a special pub tour for some REAL English Ale!

We began in the Alice Lisle, where we shared some food and the students had their first, second and probably third drink! Some strange behaviour ensued and when a few students began hugging the British flag pillow... It was time to move on.

We then ventured to The Red Shoot, where the students were able to witness the pubs own beer being made. We settled down to an array of shared crisps and got through drinks four, five and maybe six. Just as the pub quiz got underway we decided to make a move. Probably best not to upset the locals with our loud revealing of the answers to the picture round. Which we would have won!

Next we hobbled into The Royal Oak, a cosy little pub where the students enjoyed drinks seven, eight, and nine. Conversation began getting deep, lots of stories being told, the students began showing affection towards the mounted animal heads. A sure sign we needed to move on quickly.

One of our favourite students, with the new adopted nickname of ‘Shakespeare’, was always the last to the bus. Sometimes we did not know if he would appear from the pub. But he managed to surprise us all.

Lastly, we ended up having our final drink in a little gem called The Rose and Thistle. We piled in at ten minutes to eleven to order our last drinks. A gentleman at the bar with a Labrador was very popular with the students and became even more popular with the ladies. Two lovely calendars were on display in the pub featuring local men and women with no clothes on. Of course this gentleman was posing proudly with his beer barrel and it was hard to control some of the ladies at this point.

‘Shakespeare’ ended up almost getting a job at the pub, after ending up behind the bar. We were treated to a calendar each as we were about to leave and head towards Lava to drop the students off!

A great evening had by all and a memorable one! We look forward to doing it again soon!

learn to speak English in Bournemouthlearn to speak English in Bournemouth

learn to speak English in Bournemouthlearn to speak English in Bournemouth

Capital welcomes brilliant group from Spain!

Capital School welcomed a lively group from Spain for a week in October. The group were energetic and enthusiastic in classes and on activities. They went on an afternoon trip to the Jurassic Coast, enjoyed a full day excursion to Oxford and also visited Christchurch during their short stay with us.

The group took part in a quiz which helped them use their English through reading and speaking. They also attended an active Drama Workshop, where even their group leaders got involved and became the victims of a Facebook and YouTube uploading plot.

We really enjoyed having the group and would like to thank the group leaders Maria and Beatriz for their energy and assistance during their stay.

Another group from Spain that really represented their country well!

We look forward to seeing you again!

Fire Warden Training

As part of our ongoing staff training at Capital School, we conducted a Fire Warden training course for 8 of our staff on Tuesday 9th October.

Here we were informed of the safety precautions to take in the event of a fire, the surprising speed in which fires can spread and which fire extinguishers are most effective for different types of fire.

It was also a great way to communicate what everyone’s role needs to be in the event of a fire, and remind each other of the particular procedure to take for our type of building and business.

With some upcoming fire drills we have the opportunity to put the evacuation procedure into practice! The course was 2 hours long and involved a PowerPoint presentation, video clips, and the practical use of different fire extinguishers.


Capital Goes Charity Mad

Macmillan Coffee Morning

September proved to be a busy month at Capital School. In the build up to Jeans for Genes day in October, Capital held two commendable and worthwhile charity events to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Salisbury Hospital.

On the 28th September, The Macmillan Coffee Morning was held across the country, helping to raise money for Cancer Support. Will Hume, a teacher from Capital School, organised the event in a bid to help him reach his goal of £10,000.

The students enjoyed a variety of cakes, donated by our wonderful staff. As well as a welcomed morning cup of coffee.

Will is going to be embarking on a hike in Cuba, from Havana to Trinidad, covering 100km in March 2013. Capital School helped raise £77.64 for the cause, adding to Will’s total of £7,377.88!

We enjoy hosting this event for Will and look forward to holding more in the future.

International Food Party

A popular event at Capital School is the International Food Party. On Friday 28th September 45 Students attended this event, bringing food from across the world for us all to enjoy.

We had Spanish Chorizo, a delicious Turkish inspired Couscous, Japanese Pancakes, Venezuelan Arepa, and a great effort of various food from Switzerland! As well as many other dishes from around the world.

No one needed dinner that evening. There was enough food to feed the British Army. Everything was delicious and the students had a great time.

A special award was given to Switzerland for not only their delicious food, but for their amazing effort and representation of their country.

Tickets for this event helped raise £135 for the Cancer Ward at Pembroke Unit Trust, Salisbury Hospital. The money was given to Graham Sheeley, a teacher from Capital School for a sponsored walk. Congratulations to Graham!

Jeans for Genes Day

On Friday 5th October Capital School took part in the nationwide event Jeans for Genes day.

All the staff could wear their jeans to school for a donation of £2. All proceeds went towards helping children with genetic disorders.

We also organised a Tombola for the students with some interesting prizes, from a mince a bottle of wine! We also sold cakes and had a traditional ‘Hook a Duck’ complete with fishing rod for the students to have fun with.

The event took place during break and lunch time, all the students had fun and the Tombola prizes were all won by afternoon break.

We raised £121 towards this worthy cause and we look forward to doing it again next year.

I began a mission a few weeks ago, that I would dress like a woman for the entire day if I raised £250 for the charity. Even though I only raised £50 for this particular event... I could not resist. It certainly confused the students and caused a few double takes down the corridors!

We are proud of the amount of charity work we have accomplished over the last few weeks at the school. All this work feels almost like preparation for next month, when we celebrate Children in Need on Friday 16th November and aim to raise over £1000!

We hope to see you there!


Over summer, Capital School opened its Young Learners Campus at Talbot Heath School for the first time! What a success it was!

The students enjoyed the fantastic facilities such as the Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Cricket and Football pitches, a large indoor sports hall, Arts and Crafts suite, and a Drama department. They took part in events like Team Challenge, Treasure Hunt, and even had an afternoon of Cream Tea and Traditional English Games.

This incredible campus held over 200 students at a time. The size allowed us to hold large group activities like Pool Parties, The Olympics Competition, Night at the Oscars, Capital’s got Talent, and our very own Cinema evenings! Not to mention International Student Disco each week for all language school students in Bournemouth...and lastly, who could forget Capital’s favourite event... Battle of the Beach. Where students compete in a variety of Beach games and get very messy and soaking wet. Even our Managing Director, Spencer Fordham, is arguably the biggest fan of this crazy activity!

Students would follow a theme each week in their English classes and those themes would be integrated into their activity programmes. Film week would lead up to Night at the Oscars, where students created their very own movies! These films were then shown on the BIG SCREEN and a lavish award ceremony followed.

Capital’s got Talent allowed the students to show their creativity as individuals and in groups. We had singing, dancing, live art and comedy. The students created their performances in class with the help of their Teachers and in the afternoons with the help of the Activities Team.

We took the student’s on weekly trips to London, Bath, Oxford and Brighton. The students also visited some great places during the week such as The Jurassic Coast, The New Forest, Salisbury and Stonehenge, Westminster, Southampton and Portsmouth, and the beautiful Lyme Regis.

Talbot Heath also has its very own Student Residence, where many of our students stayed over summer. Which included table tennis equipment and Xbox entertainment area. Which our students enjoyed each evening before a much needed rest for 9.00am morning classes.

We welcomed groups and Individuals from all over the world! We had a fantastic team of Social Organisers, Teachers, and Office staff that worked extremely hard to ensure the young learners had a brilliant time with us! Next year Capital School of English will be even bigger! And a huge amount of work needs to be done in preparation for our 2nd year at Talbot Heath. A challenge the whole team is excited and proud to be part of!

Italian Group visits Capital! 5th September -18th September

Capital School of English was joined by a large Italian group in September. The group decided to swap the city life for Bournemouth’s beaches. They spent 2 weeks here where they had the chance to experience English culture and some great activities. They enjoyed an energetic game of laser quest, as well as participating in other fun activities such as Bingo, Film and Quiz nights where everyone had a lot of fun! (Especially as there were prizes involved)!

They also visited some of our most popular destinations, London and Oxford! As well as an afternoon venture to the beautiful Jurassic Coast!

We wish them the best back in Italy and hope they will visit us again in the future!


Spanish Group is welcomed and benefits from integration day at Corfe Hills School

It must be hard to swap the seasonal sunshine in Galicia for the questionable ‘Great British Summer’. But we welcomed an energetic group of young learners from the North of Spain, for a September of surprisingly warm and enjoyable weather!

The group included some really charismatic and flamboyant personalities and kept teachers and social organiser’s entertained every day. We celebrated some Birthdays and went on a huge variety of Activities like Cinema trip, Laser Quest, All Fired Up, Mini Golf, Russell Coates Museum and a lovely Bike Ride along the beach! They enjoyed full day excursions to our favourite destinations London, Bath and Oxford. The group also experienced half day trips to Salisbury and Stonehenge, The Jurassic Coast, and Winchester.

The group also took part in a special integration day at the prestigious Corfe Hills School. This is part of the British Education Integration Programme that Capital School of English is offering groups from September 2012. It allows our students to experience a day at an exceptional English School, where they are paired with a student mentor and participate in timetabled classes. The students joined lessons such as English, Maths, Science, and Physical Education. This innovative programme enables our students to enter a typical environment at an English School, where they benefit from meeting young students and being taught a variety of subjects by professionally trained and experienced academic staff.

The students thoroughly enjoyed their experience at Corfe Hills School, and we look forward to taking more groups on this brilliant programme in the future!

We will miss the group now that they are leaving us! They group of juniors have been a wonderful example of the enthusiastic Spanish culture, and the leaders have been fantastic!

Good Luck to you all, and we hope to see you again at Capital School of English.


More from sunny Spain!

Capital School of English were joined by a lovely group from Spain this June. The group travelled from Madrid to spend a week at Capital where they had the chance to experience the English culture and enjoy many activities and sights around the area. The weather was beautiful for the group’s trip to the Jurassic Coast, they had a lively game of Laser Quest, a competitive Quiz night (which included a birthday celebration!) and an afternoon Treasure Hunt around sunny Bournemouth.
The group enjoyed our time with us and we look forward to welcoming them back again in the future!

Street Party for the Jubilee

On Friday 1st June 2012 Capital School held an in-school Street Party to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
The students had the chance to take part in a ‘Royal Quiz’, as well as a Raffle for the chance to win a fabulous Union Jack cake. The students also baked their own cakes for the occasion!
Prizes were awarded for the best cakes and all the money raised will go to our school charity Macmillan Cancer Care: the school raised a total of £126.19. 

Capital Welcome's Spanish Group from Madrid! 13 May - 20 May

Thirty Young Learner students with their two Group Leaders, travelled from Madrid to spend a week with us at the Capital School of English.

The group had the chance to visit the Jurassic Coast - fortunately the weather was beautiful for them. This trip gave the group the opportunity to experience the breathtaking views of the South Coast. They also visited the small town of Christchurch, as well as the city of Oxford.

In addition to their trips, they also had fun participating in activities such as a Treasure Hunt around Bournemouth, a Quiz night and a fun workshop on British Literature!

We wish them all the best and look forward to seeing them again in the future!

Viva Capital! - 11 April - 18 April

 April 2012 saw us welcome another junior group from Spain. They were very excitable and enjoyed every activity and task that came their way! The group were lucky to have some English sunshine during their stay, giving them the chance to play volleyball on the beach, as well as football and making pictures in the sand.

The group took part in a drama workshop, Laser Quest and visited many places including Bath and Winchester and they didn’t want to leave.
I’m sure many of them will return next year, as for some it was their second year in a row at Capital!


Viva Capital! - 31 March - 7 April

The group of Spanish adult students (with a few of their children) had a fabulous time in England – the weather was certainly on their side. On their first day they set off to London to see the sights and experience life in our Capital city – the group saw everything from Buckingham Palace to Covent Garden! They also had a glorious time at the Jurassic Coast, a wonderful curry night full of laughter and a night challenging each other with a game of Bowling.

They appreciated their time here enormously and I’m sure some will come and visit us again!


Viva Capital! - 24 - 31 March

In March 2012, the school welcomed a junior group of students from Madrid, Spain. They were a wonderful group and a pleasure to have at Capital! Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn was incredible and they definitely had a lot of fun!
They were inventive with their Treasure Hunt challenge, enthusiastic with the Capital Quiz and had a brilliant time at Laser Quest! The weather was beautiful so they had fun playing drama games on the beach, visiting the Jurassic Coast and Oxford, as well as enjoying the history of Christchurch: their time here was short but full of joy and they are always welcome back to Capital!  
Now in April, the school has welcomed an adult group from Spain – we shall keep you updated on their time with us!


Italian News Report...When Milan met Capital

In February 2012, 43 Italian Students along with their 3 Group Leaders travelled from Milan, Italy to spend two weeks in England studying at the Capital School of English.
During their time in England they took part in an extensive programme personalised to their interests. The programme included activities such as Sport and Games in the Park, a Fashion Show, Quiz Night and an International Food Party – in which they had the chance to socialise with all nationalities of the school.
They were able to visit London and Bath as well as the Jurassic Coast.  The English weather prevailed on the day of the Jurassic Coast and the students and group leaders agreed that it was a breathtaking experience; the group also got to enjoy our traditional Fish and Chips on the seaside in Swanage.
All in all the Italians enjoyed their stay with us and we hope to see them again in the future.


Chinese students experience English Life: CC English connect with Capital School

In February 2012; 17 students along with their 3 group leaders from China travelled to England to experience 2 weeks of English life. This group of Young Learners were very polite and always smiling! Although they attend different schools in China they are united by their English School, CC English.

Their programme consisted of morning classes with afternoon and evening activities; this included many excursions around the South such as  Oxford, Stonehenge and Winchester and also a weekend trip to London. In London they had the chance to visit the sights with a tour of the city, they ventured into the British Museum and had the opportunity to shop in Covent Garden; as well as lunch in China Town.

Their activities included ceramic painting, in which they were able to keep their ceramics to take home with them. Other activities included Laser Quest, Bowling, a Fashion Show and an International Food Party – the party gave them the chance to meet other students from the school and try their national dishes!

The group also had the chance to visit Talbot Heath School for Girls; they were looked after by the pupils of Talbot Heath and took Oriental class together: this gave the students from China an invaluable experience and a real insight into life at an English school.

Being able to visit England for the first time was a remarkable opportunity for the group and they were very grateful for their experiences. To express their thanks they performed a beautiful presentation to us on their last day in England; a performance we shall always remember: it is fair to say they had a lot of fun and we hope to see them again in the future!


Trinity College London Examination Success

Capital School became a registered examination centre for the Trinity College suite of examinations. The first set of candidates took the Trinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) on Thursday 1st December. There are twelve progressively graded examinations which have been designed for speakers of other languages and which set realistic objectives in listening to and speaking with English speakers. Eight candidates from Capital School of English took the GESE examinations on 1st December, ranging from Grade 3 to 8 and all were successful due to careful preparation on behalf of the teaching staff and hard work by the candidates themselves. Well done everyone and watch the website for more details about the Trinity examinations.

New scholarship initiative brings real Turkish Delight to Capital School

At the end of August 2011 one of our partner agents Horizon International Education Consultancy in Istanbul, Turkey contacted us to inform us that they would be sending over group of 40 students in September to study English with us and stay in local host families.

The 40 students had been specially chosen by the Ministry of Education in Istanbul for a new project to receive a scholarship from Horizon to study at Capital School for two weeks. The students came from 39 high schools from all over Istanbul and were chosen for their academic ability and due to personal circumstances an overseas study experience was an opportunity that they may not otherwise have. 
The owner of Horizon, Mehmet Gultekin invited our Assistant Director of Studies Emma Lusty to spend a week in Istanbul to provide an orientation programme for the 40 students. Emma prepared a week long syllabus to provide the students with some language skills and cultural awareness before their trip to the UK. While in Istanbul Emma had daily lessons with the students, she gave a welcome speech on the first day of the orientation which was part of a national press conference and the lessons were also filmed as part of a documentary which is to be shown on national television in Turkey in October. The documentary forms part of a promotional campaign to keep the project going and will be opened up to students from all over Turkey. The Turkish government plan to send 600 students over to the UK to study within the next year.
On September 10th 2011 the students arrived in Bournemouth along with their Turkish group leader Elif Pekmezci, the camera crew for the documentary and two employees from the Ministry of Education.   The camera crew stayed for the first week of the visit and were able to film in some of the student’s classes, they filmed the students in various in Bournemouth and the local area and they also went into a few host families’ houses for some interviews.
While the students were here they participated in morning or afternoon classes and had a varied daytime and evening activity programme. During their stay they visited London and Oxford on day trips at the weekend and during the week they took part in various sports activities at the beach, went shopping in Poole and Bournemouth, ate around the world at an International Food party held at the school and spent an evening with a local company doing a drama workshop.
The two week study programme was a complete success and we look forward to receiving the next group of students in the near future.
To view some highlights of the documentary of the project which includes Capital School please visit our link on You Tube:


Capital School win 2011 RALSA 6-a-side Football Tournament

Capital School of English's winning teamSummer started early for Capital School this year with the annual RALSA Football Tournament. This 6- a- side International football tournament saw students from Capital School competing against 5 other international language schools from Bournemouth.
The event took place at the Littledown Sports Centre and kicked off at 1.30pm, with each game lasting 10 minutes.
Capital School of English had 15 students take part in the tournament operating as a squad rotating places throughout the afternoon to ensure everyone had a chance to shine and enjoy a few games of football.
Capital started off well, with a 1-0 victory against United World 2, followed by a 0-0 draw with Anglo Continental.
Their success continued with a 2-0 victory against BEET to be followed by a 0-0 draw against Kings School and a 0-0 draw against MLS.
At the end of the league, Capital came out on top of the table and faced BEET in the final and what a great final it was!!
After 10 minutes of constant shooting at the goal but failing to score, (with the crowds going crazy!!), the winner was decided by an exciting penalty shoot out with Capitals’ Colombian Felipe Pinzon feeling the pressure in goal.
Both Capital and BEET scored their first two goals, and thanks to Felipe saving BEETs’ last attempt, Capital were crowned the RALSA 2011 Football Champions and lifted the cup with pride!!
A great day and many thanks to the supporters who came down to cheer the boys on!

Capital School of English lift the Trophy


Specialist English Courses for Mini Stay Groups

Starting to learn English from an early age is fairly common in Europe but we are also finding that extending that knowledge with overseas trips to England to further their knowledge is now being adopted by more and more groups. Recently at Capital School we were pleased to have had 3 young learners groups to study and improve their English language skills in the UK.
Having made 3 new contacts at a recent educational fair we welcomed 2 Italian groups and a Spanish group this March who attended our special English language mini stay cultural programmes.
The groups were closed groups from high schools ranging from 20 to 50 students who came over to improve their English language learning skills on our very popular mini stay programme from 7 to 14 days.
The groups were split according to age and linguistic awareness and taught by a group of 4 teachers with specialist background knowledge of the programme designed by our Junior School academic team, Lynne Roberts and Emma Lusty.
During the low season we often have school groups and over the last year we have had groups from as far away as Brazil.
The academic programme is designed to activate learnt language and to build linguistic confidence in their English language skills. The students are worked incredibly hard and have to present to their peer groups as well as tutors at the school. This coupled with a great activity programme meant the course was well received and year on year we welcome back groups from many existing school contacts as well as new ones made at the various fairs and events we attend.

 Capital School of English help ‘Pudsey Bear’ raise £1070 for Children in Need!

On Friday 19 November Pudsey turned up to help students and staff at Capital School of English collecting money, raffling prizes and selling cakes - all for this worthy cause.
The day kicked off with students helping to blow up balloons and decorate the school before their 9am lessons, which set the atmosphere off straight away (they all become very excitable)! Then from 10am- 4.30pm, each class had a 30 minute slot in which they came downstairs with their teacher and took out trays of cakes and collection buckets to try to sell cakes and collect donations. Some students stayed for the whole day even when their class had finished eager to help to raise more.
The school organized a special raffle with many local companies from Winton and Bournemouth contributing. The raffle prizes included: £30 Laser Quest vouchers, tickets for ice skating from the BIC, tickets for Wincanton Race Day, 10 passes for the students favourite nightclubs- kukui, Lava and V contributed by the infamous DJ Lenny! Also, a bottle of Cava from Waitrose, a gentleman’s haircut from Heaven Hair- Winton, a meal for 2 at The Hop and Kilderkin Pub directly, opposite the school, free subway sandwiches, free lunch at Rhapsody coffee next door to the school and various gift prizes contributed by the staff.
Students and staff all baked cakes, and from around 8.30am on Friday morning cakes were being brought in by the dozen, Sonia from Butlers Baguette and the ladies at Sturton and Tappers Furniture also gave the school some amazing cakes to sell.
Pudsey and his special helper, Clive, spent the most of the day outside with the students, which attracted a lot of public attention! Members of the public were really willing to donate, some cars even pulled over by the school especially to buy cakes, while many were just happy to give a donation.
Capital School of English would like to thank everyone who not only took part in such a great day but also all the people who gave so generously – next year the bar has been set…can we beat it? Yes we can!
Here are some more pictures from the charity day!

Capital School of English - Charity begins abroad?

Capital School of English recently held a Charity International Food Party at its year round English Adult School in Bournemouth.
Over 100 students and staff attended the event in support of Macmillan Cancer Research on the 7th October. The evening was the first in a series of different charitable events planned for the remainder of the year in support of Will Hume who is a teacher at the school. Will Hume will embark on a walk across Africa for the Charity later in 2011.
Students cooked delicious food from their country and the students sang their own national anthems making the evening a real success.
The highlight of the evening other than the incredible food was the auction. Mark Lewis the Schools’ Director of Studies was auctioned for 16 GBP to teach a 1:1 lesson on pronunciation. The lucky student was Dimitri from Switzerland who commented, “To get the opportunity to have a private lesson with the school’s Director of Studies was too good an opportunity to miss and to contribute to the schools Charity was an absolute bonus.”
6 other Swiss students also paid an incredible 125 GBP to spend the day working with Spencer Fordham - the Schools Managing Director. The 6 students were given an insight into how the school operates. They were keen to get involved with all aspects of the school and enjoyed their time swiping cards, helping Mark arrange the famous school T-Board. They were also treated to a lovely lunch which went down very well.
As part of their day the 6 students were asked to write a blog of their stay in the UK and at Capital School. Below you can read some of their comments on what has been an incredible last few weeks at Capital School of English in Bournemouth.
“Before we went to England we thought the people would all be a bit strange and the weather cold and rainy. But when we arrived, it was a bright sunny day. Our host family was lovely and open and the first sentence was: "Would you like a cup of tea?"

Staying in a host family is a really good way to improve your English. They'll help you for example to explain some words or give you important information.  

When you first arrive in England you have to be careful! Look right than left because they drive on the left side. That was what we had to learn.
Capital School is like a second family for us because they are all very friendly and helpful and the teachers have a lot of patience, so you learn a lot in a very short time. We really enjoyed the time in Bournemouth and if we had to go home we would be a bit sad because we have met lots of students with different nationalities and cultures. It's very interesting to talk to other students because all of them have a different accent and a different way of thinking. We had a great time” - Dimitri & Nathalie
Will Hume can be seen in the photo crouching down with (L-R) Siobhan Miller CSE Social Organiser and the winners Kerstin Mast, Stefanie Roethlisberger, Stefanie Fischer, Nathalie Flueckiger, Nadia Angelopoulos and Dimitri Angelopoulos


Capital School expands...again!

Capital School of English, since its beginnings in November 2003, has had ambition to grow. From occupying the top two floors at its current address to now operating over the whole site which has seen our capacity grow from 5 classroom and 64 student places to 11 classrooms and 144 student places with additional facilities during the summer at the Arts University College Bournemouth.
During the summer Capital School will have seen over 700 students pass through its doors from all over the world to enjoy learning English in Bournemouth. Having recently gained ‘Highly Trusted Sponsor’ status with the Border Agency, Capital continues to grow.
In celebration of the expansion and ground floor refurbishment Capital School of English performed an  ‘Official Opening’ at the school on Wednesday 4th August 2010 at 12.30pm.
The opening ceremony was conducted by Tony Millns, Chief Executive, English UK who was joined by Carolyn  Blackmore, Chief Executive, Quality English, Spencer Fordham MD, and Paulina Fordham Finance Director, Capital School together with a representative number of students and staff at the school.
Reflecting on the growth Spencer Fordham commented that “the only way now is ‘up’ but I think that will be a little while yet, in the meantime the addition of Residential facilities at the AUCB has been more than enough to keep us busy this year”.


All aboard for some Mad Hatters at Capital School

Eighty students from Capital School of English enjoyed an open top double decker bus trip to the Charity May Dance having started the evening off in Winton at The Talbot with a fancy dress event.

The Charity May Dance attended by the RALSA schools in Bournemouth in Aid of the Mayors Charity was held at Bliss club with a theme of the Mad Hatters Ball. More than 800 international language students from Bournemouth and Poole attended the evening.

Capital School actively encourages their students to join in on a range of activities throughout their stay in the UK studying the English Language as this is an ideal opportunity to practice their language skills.

Many students continue their studies in Bournemouth after they have qualified in their English Studies so their integration into Bournemouth life is an important aspect of their stay here.

During the summer Capital School of English will be host to over 700 students from around the world with specialist English courses for Juniors and Adults incorporating a wide range of events to keep everyone active and enjoying everything that Bournemouth and the UK has to offer.

Yellow Buses brighten Capital School of English

Summer is fast approaching and with it the number of overseas students arriving to study at language schools will steadily increase.

For the language schools a pressing issue is how to provide safe transport for their students. For some this could mean adding costly and sometimes unreliable private transport services, but for Capital School of English, a Bournemouth based British Council accredited school, this solution was simple: they opted to work with local public transport provider Transdev Yellow Buses.

“Capital School has been working with Transdev Yellow Buses for a number of years now and as our student numbers have grown we have found that the Yellow Buses have provided the most reliable means of local transportation for our students,” commented Spencer Fordham, Managing Director of Capital School of English.

“When students come to Bournemouth to study the English language part of the appeal of the town is the easy access to the many attractions and beaches. Transdev Yellow Buses provide this easy access with the weekly bus passes they issue that we provide as part of our summer package for our English language learners.

“We find this works best for all concerned; it saves students money and provides a safe and reliable means of transport during their stay.”

What’s more, this is a truly reciprocal relationship between the Bournemouth language school and the bus company. When Transdev Yellow Buses were looking to represent local language schools in their publicity, Capital School of English was their natural choice. Students from Capital featured in a poster campaign on some of the Bournemouth buses.

Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing at Transdev Yellow Buses, added: “We have worked closely with Capital over a number of years, providing students with easy access to our extensive network of bus services.

“Working in partnership with the school to provide clear, easy to understand information to assist students enables them to travel both to learning and to other facilities the area has to offer.
“We aim to continue to be the trusted partner of key stakeholders such as Capital School of English, and look forward to developing our relationship with them in the future.”
For both Transdev Yellow Buses and Capital School of English the future looks bright and decidedly yellow!


Capital School launches Bournemouth residential English language summer courses

In keeping with the continued development of Capital School of English, the Bournemouth English Language school, they are happy to announce the launch of its newest venture – residential English language summer courses.

Throughout July and August 2010 the school will be offering residential accommodation to its Adult students, providing residential English language courses in Bournemouth.

Having established an amazing network of local home stay providers over the last seven years the school has reacted to the market forces where students are increasingly into greater independence.

The AUCB (Arts University College Bournemouth), home to Capital’s established Junior/Adult Summer Centre, is an incredible state-of-the-art facility and one the school is proud to call its second home. Capital School of English already has an established connection with AUCB and the addition of the student residence is the final piece of the jigsaw. It is the perfect location for these residential English language courses in Bournemouth.

Spencer Fordham, Capital School’s MD, said: “For us as a school we view the relationship we have with the AUCB as a very special one forged over the last four years, working closely to establish an incredibly marketable Bournemouth English language summer school. With the addition of the students’ residence the programme is now complete in terms of the provisions we offer our students. As a family run school we pride ourselves on the level of service and care we offer not only to our students but our partners and hosts. This is an amazing centre of which we are all immensely proud!

“AUCB gained University status in 2009 and the relationship forged between them and Capital is incredibly reciprocal. We have enjoyed taking many visitors around the university campus and they all leave with the feeling that the campus and all it offers gives their clients an incredible environment in which to study.”

Matt Desmier, Enterprise Manager at AUCB, commented: “We view the relationship we have with Capital School as an important asset to the university in terms of showcasing the wonderful facilities we have to offer. With the intended launch of further short courses to complement the English language summer courses offered by Capital in 2011 the AUCB is proud to call the school one of its valued partners.”

Spencer Fordham added: “We are already discussing plans for 2011 and beyond, where we are looking to launch a new summer programme, with the support of Matt Desmier and Hilary Colvey, Head of the International Office. The next few years are going to see the launch of some fantastic and innovative new modules utilising the environment and expertise the AUCB offers”

Capital School of English welcome a new Director of Studies

Mark Lewis recently joined Capital School of English in Bournemouth, an independent and fully accredited British Council English Language School, who are also a full member of English UK, as their new DOS (Director of Studies), having recently moved down from London to enjoy his new role by the sea.

Prior to that Mark lived in France for 6 years where he obviously enjoyed using his language skills having achieved a degree in French this was followed with an MA and Phd in Philosophy. Mark is married and enjoys literature, cooking and cycling – this included racing for a Division 3 team in France – he’s quick to add not in the Tour de France!

In welcoming Mark to the school, the MD, Spencer Fordham added “Mark chose the perfect time to join us – the summer rush is on and we’ve just implemented a new computer management system – the deep end is a good place to start”.

Capital School Celebrate 5th Anniversary

Based in Bournemouth, a well known centre for students wishing to learn English, Capital School of English is a relative newcomer but in the short space of 5 years they have established themselves as a leading English language school in Bournemouth.

Picture of school buildingSpencer Fordham, the Principal explained that “at Capital, being a small and friendly school, we like to treat all our students as individuals, after all they are leaving their homes and countries to come and live and experience the English way of life for up to a year. Students come to learn English in Bournemouth because it is such a vibrant town within easy reach of London, the Jurassic Coast and the New Forest. We often find students returning to us as they enjoy learning English in Bournemouth and especially at Capital School”.

Having reached their fifth anniversary Capital are not resting on their laurels as they have developed links with the  Arts Institute, Bournemouth to provide Summer Junior Courses for individuals and groups where they can enjoy learning English with other students aged from 14 – 18 in a fun environment. The fun doesn’t stop there as after class the students are then involved in a number of afternoon and evening activities that helps supplement everything they learn at their Bournemouth English school including beach games and activities, day trips to London, Bath, Oxford, the Purbecks and more.

Students usually stay with a Host Family or Homestay as they are known, here they will add to their English course in Bournemouth by integrating with local families learning about how we live and taking every opportunity to use the language they have developed in class.

Outside of the busy summer period students looking enhance their employment opportunities or further education often enrol for the academic year to learn English in Bournemouth and progress to taking one of the recognised exams that will improve their lives in this ever shrinking world where the English language still has an important role to play in worldwide business.


For further information regarding Capital School’s adult and junior English summer courses, as well as more details about our residential English language summer courses please contact Capital School by telephone +44 (0)1202 546875 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it