Sponsoring Students

Sponsoring Tier 4 General Visitor Students

Capital School of English has been licensed by the UK Border Agency to enrol international students under Tier 4 of the Points Based System’ as a Highly Trusted Sponsor (UK Border Agency Licence Number VQG0CXXRX). For further information please click on this link

As Highly Trusted Sponsors - Capital school of English will consider each application individually. Students will need to show you meet the requirements of the 40 appendix points required
  • We need to be aware of this type of visa at student registration. The student or agent must produce the following before enrolment.
  • A valid (within 2 years) SELTS (Secure English language Test) or IELTS  International English Language Testing System with pass mark in-line with B1 level on Common European Framework.  Most students will produce an IELTS – Minimum 4.00 Score on all modules for Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing ready to start a B2 upper Intermediate level. (30 points appendix)
  • Evidence that you have enough money for living expenses throughout your studies (approximately £800 per month), to pay any remaining tuition fees and to meet the cost of your return journey.(10 points appendix)
  • A Conditional offer from a University confirming IELTS 6.00 to 6.5 Each student should leave Capital school to start their University Degree Course.
The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
You must have a CAS before making an application as a Tier 4 (General) student. A CAS is an electronic document issued to you by the institution (college, school or university) that you have chosen to study at. Your CAS will be valid for use in a Tier 4 application for six months from the date that it was generated by your institution.
Your institution will send you the the unique reference number that corresponds to your CAS. You must write this reference number in the appropriate field on your Tier 4 application form. The Home Office official processing your application will check this electronic document to confirm that you have an unconditional offer from the institution for the course that you intend to study.
Your institution should also send you the information that they have used to generate your CAS. This is often referred to as a 'CAS statement' and it is normally sent to you by email. The CAS statement itself is not required for your Tier 4 application, but it gives you all of the information about your course and sponsor, and some of the information about money, that you need to complete your Tier 4 application form. If there are any discrepancies between the information used by the institution to generate the CAS and the information on your application form, then your application may be refused.
The CAS statement should tell you:
  • the 14 digit reference number for the CAS, containing a mixture of letters and numbers
  • the Sponsor Licence Number (SLN) of the institution where you intend to study
  • the start and end dates of the course that you intend to study
  • the title of the course that you intend to study
  • the tuition fees for first year of the course, or the entire course if it will last one year or less. If your CAS has been issued for further study on a course that you are already partway through, the "first year of study" means the first year of this new period of study.

No work or dependants allowed in the UK until student start at University.

 Tier 4 students can extend their visa in the UK. You will need a new Cas to come to Capital school of English and the same criteria as above will apply. The students must give themselves 10 weeks before their visa expire to apply. These students will now apply but submitting a paper on online application with a fee. It’s our responsibility to ensure their applications are accurate as declines can affect our Highly Trusted Sponsors status. All paperwork is photocopied and kept in a secure file. Capital School of English  will remain the point of contact and guide the students through the process. You will to Romsey in Hampshire ( 2 train rides) for Biometrics (finger prints) before your applications are accepted. They will receive a residence permit which must be photocopied for your file at Capital school of English.